Why Should You Move To Toronto?

Moving to Toronto can be a little scary for some people, but why not take the risk. Toronto is home to about 6 million Canadians. Toronto is ranked among one of the top cities to live in. With living in Toronto, you will gain a whole perspective and one of the experiences you have ever had. This city is the hub of business, culture, sports and more in Canada. Toronto has a perfect blend of diversity, sports, and entertainment, Let’s find out why Toronto is so special and the perfect city to live in
Reasons you should move to Toronto
1) Diversity
Compared to other cities in the world, Toronto is the most diverse city in the world. This city has people from all over the world with different cultures and religions. With a lot of diversity, you can meet different people from different counties and experience their culture and way of life. With diversity, there are different restaurants from different cultures. You can a global cuisine in just one city.
2) Just more than Downtown Toronto
Toronto is not just only Downtown Toronto, but Downtown Toronto is surrounded by other municipalities that are apart of Toronto. These regions are York, East York, West York, Etobicoke and Scarborough. You can still live in the regions and still became apart of Toronto. You can visit Downtown Toronto even though you live in the outer Toronto municipalities. Each municipality has its vibe and its own culture. Also, each one of the municipalities has shopping malls, restaurants and more that you can visit, as it does not take more than 1 hour to go to these places from Downtown Toronto
3) Interesting Things To Do
In Toronto, there is so much stuff to do. You can visit the CN Tower, Toronto’s most famous attraction. If you like to do go shopping, you can go to the Eaton Centre, where there are 3 floors of shops you can choose from. You can go to Nathan Philips and visit the Toronto sign, or in the wintertime, you can go ice skating. Toronto has an amazing nightlife and entertainment scene. It is one of the best in North America. You can walk around the city and there is something to do at every corner. There are live music venues, clubs to dance in, bars, pubs and more. If you want to enjoy outside of the Downtown area, then you can go shopping at Scarborough Town Centre or Yorkdale Mall. There are lots of stuff to do all over the city and in each municipality.
4) Tons of sports
If you like sports, Toronto has many sports teams that you watch. The teams are:
  • Toronto Raptors (Basketball)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs ( Hockey)
  • Toronto Blue Jays ( Baseball)
  • Toronto FC (Soccer)
  • Toronto Argonauts (Football)
  • Toronto Rock (Lacrosse)
You can watch any of these sports on tv or buy tickets for these sports. You spend time in bars and restaurants as you watch the whole country rooting for these teams. These sports arenas are in the Downtown area, so you don’t have to travel far to go to these games. You can meet new people and friends while watching sports.
5) Food Scene
Every food lovers’ dream is to eat in Toronto because there are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want it cheap or want fancy dining, Toronto’s food experience will make your mouth water. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from all over Toronto depending on your price range, but still, you will feel like you are in a whole different country you eat food from a different culture.
Also, there are tons of food festivals you can enjoy. This can allow you to experience different street food and pop vendors that you see in other countries. Also, you can abundance of cheap food anywhere in Toronto. You can find any type of restaurant in Toronto and other municipalities too.
You can eat from Chinese to Italian to Indian. This is because of the welcoming of migrants to the city and the country.
6) A Lot of Great Places to Live
Downtown Toronto has about 140 neighbourhoods to live in. There are about 240 within the city’s boundaries. With each neighbourhood, comes different people that you can meet like elderly people, people with kids and more. You can experience different memories with different people that live around your area. You can find a neighbourhood that is suited to you.
if you want to live somewhere in the middle or low price range, you can try to find houses or apartments outside the Downtown area, like Scarborough. Neighbourhoods that have cheap houses are Malvern, West Humber- Claireville or West Hill.
Find the place that suits you and your price range
7) Great Place to Start A Career
Toronto is great to start your career in tech, business, arts, culture. This great city has an economy that is stable and it has a powerhouse in the economy. There are a lot of fields, especially in the tech industry. There are a lot of tech companies in the Toronto area and cities outside of Toronto. The Toronto- Waterloo area tech area is our own Silicon Valley. Tech companies that have offices in Toronto and Waterloo include Google, Uber, Shopify, Apple, Oracle and more than 2000 companies that are tech-related.
Toronto has great media and arts companies that you choose like CBC, Global News, Toronto company and more. There are a lot of opportunities in Toronto to find a career.
8) Great Public Transportation
Since there are a lot of people living in the city of Toronto, getting around can be difficult, public transportation is great. Many people use Toronto’s Public Transportation. Our city the TTC (bus), Subway, and more. The subway is not as complex as New York City’s subway system. Also, if you want to travel to a different city, then you can the GO Transit, which is all around GTA ( Greater Toronto Area). In Downtown Toronto, you can also ride the streetcar. The prices for the Subway, TTC, Streetcar, and GO Train is reasonable. Each type of public transportation we have is easy to navigate.
Toronto is a great place to live. If you are planning to move to Toronto or thinking about moving to Toronto, I hope you consider these points and more reasons why you should move to Toronto.