Toronto’s Best Patios

Toronto has a large variety of diverse restaurant options.
Toronto is a city that takes pride in its level of diversity. This even applies to various businesses such as restaurants. There are many types of food options that the restaurants in Toronto provide from all over the world. Recently, many patios have opened up across the city, making it easy for anyone to try food from restaurants while also embracing the scenery of the city around them. Many patios also offer options to watch major sporting events and games while enjoying delicious food and refreshing drink options. With the emergence of all of the new patio options in Toronto, we have compiled a list of the best patios that you can visit.

Here are the best patios options in Toronto:

Bar Isabel offers a variety of Spanish food options. From oysters, to house made bread, to sandwiches and steaks, Bar Isabel has many different patio food options. They also offer baguettes and desserts including their signature Basque cake. Regardless of what you order, they have a college patio and many standing tables so that you can enjoy the food in whichever area that you like.
The Wren offers many meal options for brunch and dinner. They offer a variety of food options from burgers, tacos, steak and fries, sandwiches, hummus and more. For desserts, they offer stout cake and peach blueberry almond cake so that you can relax after having one of their entrees.
Campo is a restaurant that offers Italian and Spanish inspired cuisine. Campo sees food as a source of strength, good health, happiness and the feeling of being home. They offer a variety of dinner options from clams, salads, seafood pasta, paellas and Tuscan lamb shanks. They recently just opened up their new patio, making it easy for customers to enjoy the dinner options with memorable scenery.
During the pandemic, Skippa has provided customers with a variety of take-out options including fresh seafood and a variety of garish-based options. With the opening of its patio, Skippa has started to provide more rice-based food options for their customers. They made each meal by using an earthenware pot to cook the rice while using fresh produce based in Ontario and seafood from Japanese fish markets.
Chotto Matte is a resto-bar located in the Financial District of Toronto. It consists of a streetside patio that offers beautiful scenery with fern and greenery, while also residing right next to the CN Tower. Chotto Matte offers a variety of tasting menus including vegan/vegetarian options and Nikkei options. Their vegetarian menu offers entrees such as Lychee Ceviche, asparagus spring rolls, Rocoto Cauliflower Wings and King Oyster Tostadas. While their Nikkei menu offers skewers straight off the grill, lamb, rice, Tostada chips and shishito peppers.
Escape goat offers a variety of food options such as burgers. The patio itself has an overhang and a large TV to watch sports games without to worry about getting rained over or experiencing strong weather conditions.
From seafood, burgers, streaks and more, Toronto consists of restaurants that provide many food varieties.
Toronto’s patios options are endless and present customers with a variety of food options for brunch and dinner. Whichever location you select will present you with a memorable experience to enjoy food while enjoying the views of Toronto or watching the next basketball or soccer game. Want to learn more about Toronto’s culture and lifestyle? Check out more blogs created by Toronto Blogs!