Top 5 Poke Restaurants in Toronto

Poke a traditional Hawaiian dish that has been growing in popularity across North America, and Toronto is no exception. This delectable dish features an assortment of raw fish served on top of a bed of rice which is typically garnished with seaweed, nuts, and many other ingredients.
Here we will be sharing our top five picks for poke in Toronto.
1. Poke Guys
Self-proclaimed to be Toronto’s best poke spot. Poke Guys aims to bring customers the most authentic Hawaiian experience with a Canadian twist. Their menu features poke bowls made with quality-sourced ingredients, delivering fresh, healthy, and most importantly delicious food. This poke spot has two locations, one in Downtown Toronto on Elizabeth street, while the other is located in Downtown Markham.
2. Hoki Poke
At this local Poke spot located on Yonge and Wellesley, you will find Hawaiian Poke bowls with a contemporary twist. They not only serve poke bowls, but they also serve sushi burritos. Their Oahu Bowl with torched ahi tuna is a must-try if you ever decide to visit.
3. Umami Poke
Umami, also known as the 5th taste, means that foods with umami are flavourful and savoury. As the name suggests, this poke restaurant is proud of the umami flavour which their dishes provide. Their poke bowls offer the taste from the islands of Hawaii while spicing things up with the addition of Korean and middle eastern flavours. You can find this poke spot in Downtown Toronto on Yonge Street.
4. The Poke Box
At this trendy Poke spot, you can find delicious poke bowls that are fresh, delicious, and big portioned, all for at a reasonable price. You can’t go wrong at this poke spot as they have a large selection of toppings to choose from, so you can always satisfy whatever flavour you are craving. They have 3 locations in the Financial District, Queen’s Park, and Markham.
5. Pokito
If you are looking for an authentic poke experience in Toronto, this is the place to be. Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, this poke spot offers fresh poke dishes that will satisfy the taste buds of anyone. Whether you are looking for something vegan, keto, or gluten-free, Pokito has something for everyone. Get your poke fill at their location by Queen and Spadina.