Top 10 Hiking Trails in Toronto

I must preface that there are absolutely no bad hiking trails in Toronto. For a massive and major city to even have hiking, is amazing, and each hiking trail is unique and great for different reasons. With this list, we decided to just rank the trails overall taking everything into consideration

10) Ashbridges Bay

Starting off the list at number 10 is Ashbridges Bay park trail. That’s right, Ashbridges bay isn’t just famous for the A-bay alcoholic beverage. This trail is definitely more of a walk than a hike. Walk the Martin Goodman trail all the way along the waters. The views from all over are ideal but this park is only really worth going to in the summer. Equipped with a water park for the little ones in your life and Woodbine beach just to the east, ashbridges bay is a good location to spend a summer’s day. c

9) Ontario Place/Trillium park

Coming in at number 9 is Trillium Park at Ontario Place. Again this trail is more of a walk than a hike, but still will be highly enjoyable. Located on the water and on the opposite side than the amusement park. This area is a great place to come and reminisce of the beloved Ontario place amusement park, while enjoying spectacular views of the city skyline. On nights where there are concerts at Echo beach or the Amphitheatre, you might get lucky and hear a song or two. Even if not, the trails are lined with bonfire pits, so maybe you and some friends can make some of your own music once you finish walking.

8) Sherwood Ravine park

Sherwood park is home to one of the last areas in the city with wooded and rivine views. It is located near Sunnybrook hospital located just off of mt pleasant rd. Come here to check out the staircase and wood path in the fall when all of the leaves are changing colour. When on the trail, it can be easy to forget you’re still in the heart of the city, making this the perfect trail to walk for any urban dwelling nature lover.

7) Evergreen Brickworks

Ah what doesn’t Evergreen Brickworks have? This east end park is home to farmers markets, indoor/outdoor art, and greenhouses, but right now we’re going to dive into the hiking trails available to the public. The trails are located along the Don Valley Parkway but ironically are full of beautiful greenery and serenity. If you need help there are guides available to take you through the trails. The Brickworks trails are great to hike year round and you can even end your hike with a fresh cider at the brewery.

6) High Park

High park is a shorter walk than some of our longer trails to come, but she does not disappoint. The park offers a variety of trails and areas to hike, from mostly flat to steep hills, high park has it all. You can even take a walk along the shorefront for a different perspective! This place is usually packed with people but for good reason. If you visit in late April and early May, you will be able to see all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms, if you head down in summer, expect the same crowd. High park isn’t just great for hiking, it has a zoo and famous park structure. Don’t be shy to take the kids here, they definitely won’t get bored!

5) Crothers woods

If you want a killer leg workout, no gym required! Just head on down to the stairs at Crothers Woods park, but I hope you really want stairs. This staircase has over 190 steps, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other paths sans stairs. Plus, besides the stairs, this trail also allows you to hike along the DVP in the middle of Leaside, an experience little can compare to. If you do still want to use the stairs, you’ll probably be one of the only ones. Most people at the park are just mountain biking or walking forested trails.

4) Humber arboretum

If real nature hikes are your jam, check out the Humber Arboretum conservation area located in the west end, near Humber College North campus. This area is vast and is truly a gem for those who love to hike. The trails and area in general are beautiful all year round. There aren’t usually many people hiking the trails and if you walk far enough, you almost can’t hear the Toronto traffic anymore. If you go, plan to spend your whole day here. Bring snacks and water because there isn’t anywhere to stop for food along the trails.

3) Toronto island

Number three trail is located on the toronto island. This park trail is just a 20 minute ferry ride away from downtown city centre. This hike isn’t very up hill, it’s a pretty flat trail but quite long. Beautiful to walk on a summer’s day with kids. Walk around the whole island seeing various beaches, check out the neighbourhoods on Wards island, or visit Centerville for an island amusement park experience. Realistically, you can hike the whole island in a single day. There are even a few small cafes on the island if you’re looking to stop for a rest.

2) Rouge park

Arriving at number 2 is the Scarborough gem Rouge Park. This is an all day trail so pack your backpack with tons of water and snacks. Besides the preparation work, this is a phenomenal hike. Rouge park is one of Canada’s national parks, for it to be so close to the city is incredible. It is packed with so many different trails and internal activities to take part in, so you really can’t get bored. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot a little bit of wildlife like deer and many kinds of birds. Throughout your hike you might see people fishing, picnicking or even taking wedding photos. Don’t worry about when you head to the park, it’s open all year round. In the winter, if you head here after a snowfall the visuals are unmatched. Spring brings beautiful flowers and the sounds of baby wildlife. Spending a summer day here should definitely be on your summer bucket list, bring a lunch and set up a little picnic in your own personal area of the park. There are always tons of people but because of the park size you won’t often run into too many.

1) Scarborough Bluffs

Finally, clocking in at number one is Scarborough Bluffs. How could this not be number one. Scarborough bluffs park trails are unbeatable. The park views give California a run for its money. Views aside, the hike to even see the views is perfect. There are some challenging routes, but there are also some very easy ones. The park is best to visit in the summer for the beach or fall for the colors. Cool off after a tiring hike by cooling off in the bluest waters lake Ontario has to offer. This is definitely the most populated set of trails, but like rouge park, you won’t see a ton of people because there are so many different paths to take. This is perhaps the hottest spot in Toronto for wedding photos; the blue waters and beach truly do give an exotic feel.
That was our top ten hiking trails, which one is your favourite? Did we get them all? Bottom line is take advantage of the beautiful weather Toronto provides. Additionally, it’s pretty astonishing that we are such a big city, but still manage to provide some amazing hiking spots topping some of those even outside the city.