Top 10 Dim Sum Restaurants in Toronto

When you think of Chinese food, you can’t forget about dim sum. Dim sum offers a diversity of dishes of meats and veggies, from sweet to savoury, dim sum has it all. Typically enjoyed and shared as a family, here are our top 10 dim sum spots in Toronto.
1. Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
This Dim Sum spot is one of the most well-known in Scarborough. Located by Finch and Milliken, Very Fair Seafood Cuisine offers a wide selection of Chinese meat, seafood and veggies. This is a great place to go as a family as it is very spacious compared to your average dim sum spots.
2. Ding Tai Fung
Is a Taiwanese restaurant franchise which has stores around the world, and over the recent years it has opened its first store at Chartwell Shopping Centre in Scarborough. Ding Tai Fung is known for their delicious soup dumplings with savoury broth. This is a must try the next time you’re in Scarborough.
3. Asian Legend
Is a local chain with over 7 locations in the GTA. They specialize in Northern Chinese dim sum dishes and stir-fry, but they are especially known for their Peking Duck. They offer a diverse selection of food, all at a reasonable price.
4. Kwan
With 3 locations within the GTA. At Kwan’s you can enjoy delicious dim sums that are beautifully presented. Also, their interior design is just stunning, with its modernized take on a traditional Taiwanese tea house.
5. The Dumpling King
As you might’ve guessed from its name, The Dumpling King specializes in dumplings. This simple spot offers a wide selection of dumplings from your regular pork and leek dumplings to cuttlefish ink dumplings. And of course, they offer dim sum. If you love dumplings, you know where to go.
6. Dim Sum Queen
Located at Yonge and Lawrence, is a popular dim sum spot known for its Cantonese teatime dishes such as dumplings, noodles, and shrimp rolls. They don’t have as big of a menu as your typical dim sum spot, but you can rest assured that everything on their menu is delicious.
7. Chi Dim Sum
This trendy dim sum spot located in Midtown Toronto, serves classic dim sum dishes as well as fusion dishes you normally don’t see at a dim sum restaurant. Their modern take on dim sums, will be an experience unlike any other.
8. Ha Gow Dim Sum House
A small, easy going Chinese eatery. Ha Gow Dim Sum House is the place to be for authentic, homemade, fresh, and delicious dim sum. They offer all day dim sum, so you can satisfy your dim sum cravings any time of the day. They offer a wide selection of dishes, with dishes starting at just $3.00.
9. Casa Deluz
Another banquet hall located in Scarborough. When stepping inside, you might be thinking this is an expensive upscale restaurant from its interior design. But rest assured, you will be getting quality dim sum without the upscale prices.
10. Juicy Soup Dumpling
When it comes to affordability, Juicy Soup Dumpling is unrivaled. This take-away dim spot located at the heart of Chinatown in downtown offers delicious dim sums, at prices that can be only rivaled if you make it yourself. For just $2.99, you can get 6-pieces of mini soup dumplings, that is just unbelievable.