The Best Wonton Noodle Soup in Toronto

Whether if it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, wonton noodle soup is one of the best Chinese comfort foods which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The perfect wonton noodle soup consists of a nice, clean flavourful broth, big shrimp wontons, and served with chewy egg noodles.
Here are our top picks for the best wonton noodle soups in Toronto.
1. Jim Chai Kee Wonton Noodle
If you’re looking to grab a quick bite to eat, this little wonton noodle shop located at Midland and McNicoll has you covered. This is easily one of the best wonton noodle soup in Scarborough, as all their wontons are hand-made-in-house and their noodles are just the right amount of chewiness that leaves you wanting for more.
2. Big Trio Wonton Noodle
This noodle chain with four locations in Scarborough, Unionville, Richmond Hill, and Aurora, is where you’ll find one of the freshest noodles and wontons in the GTA. At this casual noodle shop, you can expect big wontons, fresh noodles, and flavourful broths.
3. The Daily Dumpling Wonton Co
At this chic noodle shop, they specialize in shanghai comfort food such as dumplings and Shanghainese wontons. You can enjoy an authentic bowl of wonton noodles soup and dumplings inside a clean and minimalistic traditional Shanghai interior. They prepare their wontons fresh every day, and you can even buy them frozen so you can make it for yourself at home.
4. Wonton Hut
This classic wonton spot located just by Highway 7 and Warden, has been serving wonton noodle soup in Markham for many years. As you walk in the entrance, you will see a wall of photos of different HK celebrities who had come to dine at that very store. Not only are their wonton noodles extremely affordable starting at just $7.50, but they are also very delicious. And If you love spice, make sure to try with their homemade chili oil for a winning combination.
5. King’s Noodle Restaurant
Located at the center of Chinatown, this Hong Kongese restaurant has been serving classic HK foods such as curry beef brisket with rice, bbq pork, fried rice, and of course wonton noodle soup for decades. Whenever you’re in Chinatown and your craving wonton noodle soup, you can go wrong by coming here.
6. Swatow Restaurant
If you are ever looking for some old-school Cantonese cuisine, this is the place to be. Here you find affordable, fast, and delicious Cantonese foods that will always leave you feeling satisfied. Also, they have many noodles options to choose from when it comes to wonton noodles, such as thin noodles, flat noodles, vermicelli, rice noodle, and many more, to ensure you are getting the perfect bowl which best matches your tastes. Be sure to bring cash as this place is cash-only.