The Best Shawarma in Toronto

Over the years, Shawarma has become one of the most popular meal choices in Toronto. Shawarma is a food that is easy to eat, can fill you up on an empty stomach and it can be delicious to eat. While Toronto has a variety of shawarma spots, we have put together a list of the best to satisfy your shawarma cravings. Each of these shawarmas offer great tasting ingredients and have been backed up by positive reviews by those that have tried it. Without further ado, we give you the best shawarma spots in Toronto:
1. Taste of Shawarma
Taste of Shawarma is known as one of the best shawarma and for good reason. Located in upper Toronto on Dufferin St, the restaurant offers mouth-watering shawarma, falafel and other Middle Eastern cuisine in the Toronto area. They offer a selection of wraps, plates, sides and beverages. Their shawarma wraps include meat options of chicken, gyro, beef and falafel. Their plates also offer the same meats and are bound to leave a memorable taste.
2. Lebanon Express
Lebanon Express is another great choice if you want to try high-quality shawarma. They offer a number of lebanse-inspired dishes for those near in the College area. They offer shawarma wraps including chicken, beef, falafel, veggie and fish fillet options, as well as fresh salads featuring chickpeas, tabbouleh, fattoush, lentils, kale apple and beets. They even have combo options including fresh rice and potatoes. Their hours are as suited for those that want a late-night meal, as they are open past 1am, on every day of the week. They offer delivery options through services including Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, Doordash and Foodara.
3. Mzaar Restaurant
Mzaar Restaurant serves classic Lebanese food, including shawarma, by using fresh ingredients. They are best known for their large portions of food at a good price, their great customer service and flavourful food. They offer shawarma wraps, fresh salads and signature dishes. Some of their unique food options are their “Caramelized Onion Chicken Shawarma Plate”, which is a marinated chicken shawarma that is grilled with a caramelized onion and their “Fries Beiruti Shawarma Wrap” which is a seasoned chicken shawarma with crispy fires, garlic and pickles all wrapped in a pita. They offer curbside pickup and delivery.
4. Falafel World
Falafel World is a family-owned Lebanese based eatery that offers falafel, shawarma and other Middle Eastern dishes. Located in Bloor West Village, they freshly make all of their shawarmas and falafel in house and offer friendly customer service. Some of their highly rated foods include their Falafel Plate, Meat Pie Plate, Beef Shawarma Sandwich and Hummus Dip Sandwich. You can’t go wrong with any of their menu options.
5. Johnny’s Shawarma
Since 1995, Johnny’s Shawarma has been providing its customer with quality food in the heart of Scarborough. It is best known for its delicious shawarma and falafel, as well as the friendly staff. Many online reviews recommend their wraps and plates as their meat is always tender and their vegetables are fresh, resulting in a great-tasting meal.
6. Pita Land
Pita Land has serviced the GTA with fresh and affordable shawarma, kebabs, souvlaki, falafel, gyro, salads and wraps, since 2003. They offer a large variety of food selections from wraps, poutine bowls, plates, potato bowls, burgers, pitabox and more. Their wraps including chicken shawarma, gyro and falafel will give you a delicious taste for a reasonable price.
These are some of the best kebab restaurants that are located all around Toronto. We guarantee that you will not be let down by any of these restaurants as they all offer quality-rich kebab dishes. Want to learn more about Toronto? Feel free to check out more of our blogs!