The Best Seafood in Toronto

Toronto is home to many great seafood restaurants With its diverse culture, you can expect different types of seafood which you cannot experience anywhere else.
Here are our top picks for the best seafood restaurants in Toronto.
1. Fishman Lobster
If you ever saw a picture of a mountain of lobsters then it’s most likely from here. This seafood spot lives up to its name as one of the best seafood restaurants in Scarborough, offering all kinds of delicious seafood in gigantic portions. They are known for their different methods of preparing lobsters, whether it’s deep-fried, stir-fried, or cooked into fried rice, they can do it.
2. The Captain’s Boil
With locations scattered across the GTA, this is the perfect place to take your friends and family to indulge in some fresh seafood. You can customize the preparation of your food by choosing your catch, sauce, and heat, then you’re good to go. Don’t expect to use cutlery here, as you that will only slow you down from indulging in their delicious seafood.
3. Fisher Wharf Seafood Restaurant
If you like lobsters and crabs this is the place to be. This Markham seafood joint offers many different options to prepare your seafood just the way you like. Whether it’s steamed, fried, in porridge, with noodles, you name it. This place never disappoints when it comes to seafood.
4. Diana Oyster & Grill
With two locations in Markham and Scarborough. This is to place to be if you’re craving some fresh oysters. At this oyster spot, you can enjoy $1 oysters at any time of the day, this is rare considering most places only offer it during certain times of the day.
5. Good Catch Boil House
A casual seafood spot located in Downtown Markham, and when you step inside it feels like you are transported into an actual boathouse. They have a wide selection of seafood to choose from such as lobster, crab, oyster, shrimp, calamari, and many others, all prepared in their own unique blend of special sauces. They also have a unique selection of craft beers on tap, and you can even order a beer flight to try them all.
6. Tinuno
You are in for a feast at this traditional Filipino restaurant located by Bloor and Sherborn. This homey seafood spot specializes in grilled seafood, meat & veggies. Enjoy grilled seafood such as milkfish, tilapia, squid, shrimp, and mussels all on a bed of delicious garlic rice. This is a seafood experience you will never forget.