The Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Muffins are one of the most common breakfast foods that people eat to kick-start their day. It is convenient to eat on-the-go and provides you with the nutrients needed to give you a burst of energy. Muffins have also diversified their selections of flavours and now many muffins can contain fruit, chocolate and other ingredients to maximize its flavour. With the popularity of muffins in Toronto being as popular as anywhere else, we know there are many muffins lovers in the city. That is why we have created a list of the top muffin spots that feature the best tasting muffins.
Here are the best muffin spots in Toronto:
Bunner's Bakeshop
Since 2010, Bunner’s Bakeshop has provided vegan and gluten-free bakery foods without sacrificing it’s quality. Along with many different sweet treats on their menu, Bunner’s Bakeshop offers a variety of jumbo-sized muffins. Their muffin flavours range from triple chocolate chunk, pumpkin chocolate chunk, gingerbread carrot, morning glory, raspberry lemon and blueberry oat crumble.
Almond Butterfly Harbord
Located in Harbord Village, Almond Butterfly offers a variety of breakfast items and baked goods. All of their menu items are gluten free and there are plenty of vegan and dairy free options. Their muffin flavours include Paleo almond flax seed, Paleo blueberry banana and their assorted selection of muffins.
Sweet Hart Kitchen
With 100% vegan, gluten-free and naturally sweetened ingredients, Sweet Hart Kitchen offers a continuously evolving menu of baked and unbaked goods. On that list includes their delicious selection of muffins including PB&J, Almond Butter & Jelly and Pumpkin Chocolate muffin flavours. They are located in Kensington Market.
Capital Espresso
Each morning, Capital Espresso has got into a routine of providing fresh muffins to its customers.They are currently located in Parkdale, offering all kinds of baked goods to customers. Their chocolate chip, blueberry and banana flavoured muffins are each freshly baked, resulting in a warm delicious taste.
Tori's Bakeshoprant
If you want to find some top quality baked goods and breakfast options, Tori’s Bakeshop provides just that. Offering an entirely vegan menu, Tori’s Bakeshop creates their menu by strictly using completely natural, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. They offer a variety of muffin choices including fruit and chocolate flavoured muffin choices.
Tori's Bakeshoprant
With a large variety of Japanese styled baked goods, Neo Coffee Bar offers a unique experience. Located in St. Lawrence Market, the coffee bar offers vegan and gluten-free muffin options including their blackberry and blueberry muffin. If you are looking for a simple yet tasty muffin, this may be the muffin spot for you.
This concludes our list of the best muffin spots in the city. If you want to try out new types of muffins, each of these spots are bound to give you a large selection of flavours. Each location offers delicious muffins and we know that you will enjoy them if you give them a shot. If you want to discover more unique food spots in the city, check out some more of our blogs.