The Best Izakayas in Toronto

Izakayas are the best place to be for a fun night out with your friends, as they are often affordable, serve delicious Japanese comfort foods, and have great alcohol. The atmosphere is always lively, so there will never be a dull moment. Expected to be greeted by loud yelling when you enter and leave an izakaya.
Here are our top picks for izakaya in Toronto.
1. Kintaro Izakaya
Located near Church and Wellesley, this humble Iizakaya brings you the authentic Japanese izakaya experience to downtown Toronto. They specialize in yakitori dishes such as charcoaled grilled skewers, ramen, and traditional Japanese appetizers which pair perfectly with their extensive drink selection.
2. Kinka Izakaya Original
At this popular izakaya chain which originated in Japan, you will be able to enjoy a bustling atmosphere of an authentic Japanese Izakaya which you will find in Japan. With over a decade of experience, they have perfected their dining experience, by providing authentic Japanese cuisines and traditionally Japanese-style hospitality.
3. Kingyo Toronto
Located at the heart of Cabbage Town Toronto, at this contemporary Japanese restaurant you will find refined dishes on small plates. They have a strong offering of sushi, grilled meats, fishes, and vegan dishes developed by Buddhists. If you are unsure about what to get, you can never go wrong with their prefixed menu, where you can enjoy a dining experience that is carefully crafted by the chef.
4. Guu Izakaya
Located by Queen St and Dufferin, this chic spot is known to be Vancouver’s first Izakaya, but now they are in Toronto. They pride themselves as an izakaya which offers the most authentic izakaya experience to locals, using fresh local ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking methods all delivered right in front of your eyes. Be sure to make a reservation before you visit, as this place is often packed (sometimes even for the whole day).
5. Don Don Izakaya
Located right by Eaton Centre the biggest mall in downtown Toronto, is a small but cozy izakaya with a wood dominant interior. As you walk in you will be greeted by an enormous drum, which gives it its name of ‘Don Don’ Izakaya. Here you will find delicious izakaya staples such as takoyaki, gyudon, tonkatsu, fried chicken, sushi, you name it. It is always a fun night at Don Don Izakaya.