The Best Ice Cream stores in Toronto

Imagine this: you have just finished a scrumptious lunch or dinner. The meal was tasty but you want to follow it up with a dessert to compliment your meal. One of the most popular desserts is ice cream. It is safe to say that most people, regardless of who, like ice cream to some extent. Some may love ice cream more than others, but knowing of a high-quality ice cream shop can satisfy your post-meal cravings. That is why we have created a list featuring some of the best ice cream stores in Toronto.

Here are the best ice cream stores in Toronto:

1. Dutch Dreams
For over 35 years, Dutch Dreams has provided Toronto with its diverse options of decadent ice cream and cones. All of their ice cream flavours are Kosher while being made with premium quality ingredients. They also use pancake and waffle cone recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Their menu selections include a choice of cones, cups & to go, yogurts, signatures, milkshakes, smoothies and even pancakes. One of their main signature ice creams is the “Royal Dutch Banana Split” which includes three scoops of ice of your choice, surrounded by banana and topped off with chocolate and butterscotch sauce alongside toppings of your choice.
2. Ed’s Real Scoop
Ed’s Real Scoop serves customers with home-made ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurts and options of chocolate and fudge. They have created over 150 different premium frozen treat recipes using wholesome Ontario milk, cream and all other natural ingredients. They offer a large variety of frozen desserts from ice cream, sorbets, ice cream cookies, pies + cakes, holiday treats and coffee. They also currently offer takeout during this time, allowing customers to order cups, ice cream cakes and more.
3. Summer’s Ice Cream
Summer’s Ice Cream was founded in 1984 and since then it has provided customers with the best tasting homemade ice creams and frozen yogurts. Their store has operated in Yorkville for over 35 years, providing customers with their favourite ice creams. They offer 24 different flavours of fresh ice cream and frozen yogurt options.  In 2014, they even released their most popular ice cream flavours such as chocolate and sea salt caramel, which are packaged in 500ml containers and shelved in various grocery stores around the GTA. Some of their special ice cream flavours include “Roasted Hazelnut”, “Blueberry Dream”, “Cherry-O Cheesecake” and “Cookie Cookie”.
4. Arctic Bites
Arctic Bites is a unique ice cream shop that has created a different way of eating ice cream. All of these ice cream flavours are made with the most simple raw ingredients and the ice cream is handcrafted right as it is ordered. They even allow you to observe your custom order as it is being made. Along with ice cream, Arctic Bites also offers “Polarolls” which are ice cream rolls that have been inspired by the streets of Thailand. Their ice cream rolls selections include strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter + nutella, matcha sesame, Thai milk tea, Earl Grey Nutella and even more options to choose from.
5. Brett’s Ice Cream
Brett’s Ice Cream offers customers with other 30 flavours to choose from and they feature a new flavour each week. They handcraft their ice cream using premium and natural ingredients. They also offer vegan, dairy and gluten-free options. They also offer ‘Konery’ Cones which are high-quality variations of the waffle cone. Some of their unique ice cream flavours include Callebaut Dark Chocolate ‘Straight Up’, Raspberry White Chocolate and Coconut Mango Sticky Rice
These are some of the most delicious ice cream shops that offer a variety of flavour and frozen treat selections. Want to discover some more new delicious food spots in Toronto? Feel free to read through more of our blogs!