The Best Hot Pot in Toronto

Winter is just right around the corner. And there is no better way to warm yourself up than gathering around a hotpot filled with delicious foods with your friends.
Get cozied up with our top picks for hotpot in Toronto.
1. Liuyi Shou Hotpot
This hotspot chain doesn’t play around when it comes to hotpot. With three locations in Downtown, Richmond Hill, and Scarborough, this is the place to be for some great all-you-can-eat hotpot. With a wide selection of meats, veggies, and dessert, it will be a challenge to try everything in one visit before you get full. Be sure to book a reservation, as this place could have a wait time of up to an hour.
2. Chine Legendary Hotpot and Noodles
Located in the heart of Chinatown, this popular hotpot spot delivers when it comes to their selection of high-quality food options. You can expect fresh seafood and meats, where its flavours can be further enhanced by their wide selection of soup broths.
3. Beijing Hotpot Restaurant
As you may already guess from its name, this Scarborough hotpot spot specializes in Beijing style hotpot. They offer great variations in their menu, which all comes in the perfect amount of portions so that you can try all the different things on their menu. An extra tip is to bring cash when you visit, as you can get a decent discount.
4. Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue
With two locations at Scarborough and Richmond Hill, you can enjoy some delicious Szechuan hotpot. You can tell straight away this hotpot spot is authentic by its traditional interior design and decorations, making you feel like you are actually in China. At Xialongkan, they offer an extensive menu and flavourful broths. They even offer traditional dishes, such as deep-fried pork, and beef tripes.
5. Dalongyi Hotpot
If you love your spice, this is the perfect place to be. This popular chain from China has finally opened its first store in Toronto located at Richmond Hill. At this hotpot spot, you can choose between a large share pot or your own individual pot to cook your food in. They have a wide variety of thinly sliced meats such as beef, pork, and lamb, but they also offered cooked foods such as beef skewers which are a must-try.
6. Tasty Pot
This Taiwanese hotpot restaurant lives up to its name of being tasty. They offer a unique selection of soup broth such as their Taiwanese Supreme Spicy Hot Soup, Cheesy Milk Hot Soup, Thai Flavor Hot Soup, and many more, giving you different flavour options to cook your meat in each time you visit. Besides the typical hotpot foods, they also serve Taiwanese dishes such as popcorn chicken, rice with minced pork, and fried tofu.