The Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Finding good halal restaurant foods can seem to be difficult, however this is not really the case in Toronto. With all of the diversity that it has, the city offers many Halal restaurants options that anyone can try out. There are many different types of foods that you can try, inspired by different cultures and the best part is that you can find these spots right within the city. To showcase some of the best halal restaurants that Toronto has to offer, we have listed some of the top options below, in no order.
Here our some of our favorite halal restaurants spots in Toronto:
Umi’s Kitchen
For authentic Caribbean cuisine, Umi’s Kitchen has it all. Carribean food is already unique on its own compared to your ordinary meals and Umi’s Kitchen exemplifies its unique taste by providing delicious meal options. Some of the meal options that highlight their menu include their soups and entrees including red pea soup, chicken pea soup, jerk chicken, curry goat and oxtail which are all served with a choice of rice and beans or coleslaw.
The Charcoal Kebab House
The Charcoal Kebab House is a restaurant that serves a variety of fresh, authentic Uyghur foods. There are many different meals options to choose from at this spot and each order is handmade with fresh ingredients including their meats. Some of their top menu options include their charcoaled lamb kebabs, Uyghur somen (diced noodles with fresh noodles and tendered veal), langman (noodles with fresh veal and vegetables) , dapanji (spicy chicken with fresh vegetables and noodles), kebab noodles and sesame ribs.
Lahore Grill & Fast Food
Offering some of the best Pakistani cuisine in the city, Lahore Grill & Fast Food a large selection of halal grill and fast foods. From their dishes including chicken legs, nihari, chana, goat, lamb, chicken masala and more, this spot offers a variety of delicious meal choices.
Mr Pide
A Turkish style eatery, Mr. Pide offers a unique selection of entrees and desserts. Their main entrees are their Turkish Pides,  which is a Turkish-styled pie topped with a number of different ingredients. Their most popular menu items include their ‘Karisik’ (a combination of their best selling pides), ‘Tavuklu’ (chicken strips with mozzarella cheese) and their ‘Kavurmali’ (roasted lamb and mozzarella cheese)
Best Istanbul Restaurant
Best Istanbul is another restaurant that offers a variety of Turkish-inspired foods. All of their foods are made by using fresh and authentic ingredients from local suppliers. Their menu consists of a vast selection of soups, gyros, kebabs, appetizers, desserts and more. Some of their top menu options include their Istanbul wrap, Berlin Plate, Tombik Doner sandwich and mixed pide. 
These are some of the best halal restaurants that Toronto has to offer. Each of these restaurants offer their own unique cultural foods and can satisfy all of the meal cravings that you have throughout the day. The best part is that they are all located within the city, so it will be convenient to place an order and enjoy your food relatively quickly. If you want to find some more gems in the city, take a look at our best halal pizza, halal shawarma and our best halal burger spots.