The Best Halal Pizza in Toronto

Pizza is one of the foods that have been popular around the world for decades. This is still the case in present day Toronto, as there are many pizza shops located all across the GTA. Finding halal pizza options across Toronto is not too difficult as there are many pizza spots that serve halal meats. However, the quality of the pizza is also important to pizza lovers, as nobody wants to eat a cold or stale pizza for dinner. With this in mind, we have identified some of the best halal pizza places located in Toronto that offer the tastiest selections.
Here are the best pizza spots in Toronto:
1. Nugget Halal Pizza
Nugget Halal Pizza is a pizza joint that presents customers with many food options including pizza, speciality pizzas, wings, philly cheese steak, shawarma, burgers, potato wedges, onion rings and french fries. They have been serving customers for over 50 years, setting new pizza trends in the process.They make their pizza using fresh toppings and adding a large quantity, giving the pizza a New York style type. Their medium and honey garlic wings are also highly rated by customers that frequently visit. They are located in the Scarborough area near McCowan Rd. and Sheppard Ave and also offer delivery for nearby areas.
2. Pizza Land Halal
Pizza Land Halal is a pizza spot that provides homemade Eastern and Western food, specifically pizza. Their pizza may be a bit more costly, but the quality of their toppings and the taste can back up the price tag. Some of their most notable specialty pizzas include Vegetarian, Hawaiian, Chicken, Meat Only, Greek, Mediterranean, Mexican, Deluxe and Steak. They also offer chicken wings, sandwiches, burger, poutines, special sauces and other combos, indicating the diversity of their menu. They currently serve two locations in Scarborough and Mississauga and also provide delivery options for customers.
3. Baitul Muqadus Halal Pizza & Wings
Baitul Muqadas Halal Pizza & Wings is a delicious pizza spot located in Danforth Village. They offer great tasting pizza for a low price as well as many other menu options such as BBQ chicken wings, pizza subs, chicken biryani, shish kebabs, onion rings and more. This pizza spot serves great portions for the price that you pay, making it a great option for pizza lovers.
4. Pizza Shab
Pizza Shab offers pizza in a not-so typical fashion. The pizza is made with a thick, soft dough that is made fresh and topped with melting cheese, almost making it seem like more of a pizza pie. The chef has over 20 years of experience in preparing these pizzas and they are only made using fresh meats, vegetables and other ingredients. One of the most notable pizza options is “The Supreme” which includes a mix of chicken and beef smoky jambon on the pie and it is topped with Persian sausage and vegetables including mushrooms and green peppers. This pizza spot is bound to leave you wanting to return to experience its unique taste once again.
5. Al Madina Halal Pizza and Bakery
Al Madina Pizza is a family-owned pizza restaurant that has provided Scarborough with tasty halal pizza options. They offer a wide selection of meal options including 6OZ Burgers, Philly Cheesesteaks, wings and desserts such as peanut butter cheesecake. They are best known for the large portions that they serve. their five topping pizzas and their pizza + wing combos. They also provide online ordering and delivery options.
These are the best tasting pizza spots that will leave you with a memorable taste and an enjoyable experience. Want to have more memorable experiences in Toronto, but don’t know where to go? Check out more of our blogs to learn about Toronto’s atmosphere.