The Best Hakka Restaurants in Toronto and the GTA

One of the most up-and-coming foods in terms of popularity are Hakka foods. Hakka foods include many variations throughout the world and the food types can differ based on the country and area that it is being offered in. Hakka restaurants across Toronto serve foods of Chinese and South-Asian influenced cuisine which ranges from a variety of noodle choices, meat dishes and more. With this in mind, we have determined some of the best Hakka restaurants located all across Toronto and parts of the GTA. Each of these restaurants feature a unique assortment of hakka foods that will provide you with a memorable experience. Each of these restaurants are also halal certified. Without further ado,
Here are the best Hakka restaurants in Toronto + the GTA:
Chinese Halal Restaurant
Chinese Halal Restaurant is a chinese eatery that is best known for its extensive menu that offers many different food types. Located in Hillcrest Village in the North York area, this restaurant offers a variety of halal dishes including skewers, hand pulled noodles, soups, dumplings and more. In fact, the restaurant offers food categories including BBQ, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Vegetables, Seafood, cold dishes, desserts and more.Their most popular orders include fried noodles with beef, their pan-fried lamb/beef dumplings and their Szechwan Style Chilli Chicken. They currently offer online order and pickup service.
Hakka Garden Chinese Restaurant
Founded in 2007, Hakka Garden has served Indian & Pakistani style Hakka Chinese cuisine. Located in Thorncliffe Park, Hakka Garden has become one of the best Hakka spots featuring authentic recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Their menu offers appetizers, soups, chicken, beef, prawns/shrimps, fish, rice, noodles/ chow mein and more. Some of their most popular dish options include their lollipop chicken, crispy beef, and hot & sour soup. Even if their meats are made especially crispy or tender so you can try out many different flavours. They currently offer only take out and delivery service through Doordash.
Super Hakka
Super Hakka is another restaurant that uses fresh,halal ingredients to create a variety of dishes including Hakka, Indian and Chinese. Located near Lawrence Avenue and Pharmacy Avenue, the restaurant is best known for its great-tasting fried rice and meat options. They offer a lunch menu, dinner menu and a delivery menu which provide meal options including Mango Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Manchow soup, Manchurian Tiger Prawns and more. They also have a party room available and offer catering options.
Hot Wok
With its modern interpretation of classic dishes, Hot Wok gathers and uses high quality ingredients to create and provide delicious Chinese cuisine to customers . Their menu consists of appetizer, soup, vegetables, chicken, beef, seafood, noodles /chow mein, rice and dinner options. Their most popular orders include their Chilli Chicken, Honey-Garlic Chicken Wings, Manchurian Stir Fried Vegetable and their Szechuan Beef. They currently offer pick-up and delivery options.
Magical Taste of China
With three locations on Dundas, Spadina and Steeles Avenue(Markham), Magical Taste of China provides Chinese Xinjiang food options based on the cooking styles within the region. Over the last decade, Xinjiang cuisine has become more diverse and this has inspired the restaurant to offer true authentic cuisine from the Western China area. Some of the chef’s recommended dishes include Xinjiang No.1 Chicken, Xinjiang Stir Fried Bone-in Chicken with Noodles, Western China cold-cut lamb and Braised Beef Short Ribs.
These are some of the best Hakka restaurants that offer authentic and tasty food selections. Each of these restaurants will give you a memorable Hakka food experience, so we recommend that you try them out for yourself. Want to find more food and cuisine restaurant options in Toronto? Our blogs highlight the best food-specific restaurants located  within the city.