The Best Gourmet Food Stores

Are you trying to get gourmet food for your groceries? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best gourmet food stores that sell prepared foods and premium foods brands. These stores will provide you with rich-tasting food and groceries so that your meals become more enjoyable. We have comprised this list based on factors including reviews.
Here are the best gourmet food stores in Toronto:
Rosedale’s Finest Speciality Foods
From pizzas, to soups to baked goods, Rosedale’s Finest Speciality Foods offers a variety of prepared foods. They offer top quality grocery and speciality food products in the heart of Rosedale. They also provide free delivery options through services such as Uber Eats.
Marcheleo’s Marketplace
Marcheleo’s Marketplace offers a selection of freshly made gourmet meals, specialty grocery items such organic, kosher and gluten-free foods. They also prioritize getting their customers to embrace their grocery shopping experience by providing foods such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and deli, organic dairy, fine pastas, frozen foods, bakery foods and more. They also offer a dessert counter where they showcase their premium cakes, chocolates and confections. They provide contact-less delivery + pick-up options as well as pre-packaged meals for all of your gourmet food needs.
Speciality Food Shop
Speciality Food Shop was originally established in 1982 to provide its shoppers with foods that fulfilled their dietary needs. To this day, they have continued in providing a wide selection of premium food products that are all available online and can be delivered to your doorstep. They also provide a variety of food products that fulfill specialized nutritional needs such as cystic fibrosis, energy boosting, tenteral feeding supplies, ketogenic foods, low protein foods and thickening products.
The Mercantile
The Mercantile was first opened in 1999 on College Street and the store gained traction due to its offering of specialty food items that customers could not find elsewhere. Then in 2008, The Mercantile moved to its present location in Roncesvalles Village where it provides its customers with options of gourmet gifts, treats, spices, special dips and spread, kitchen accessories and a large variety of special food options. Some of the store’s featured product categories include tea, chocolate, salts, oils, vinegars, mustards and other locally sourced Canadian products for your kitchen.
Summerhill Market
Summerhill Market is another premium grocery store that has four public locations in Toronto. They have dedicated their work lives to providing customers with high-quality food and drink options, while also offering a welcoming shopping environment so that customers can enjoy their experience. Some of the notable categories that they offer include groceries, produce, meat, deli, prepared foods, bakery, flowers + gifts and catering options. They also offer delivery across the GTA.
Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s
Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s offers many designer grocery selections. They have provided their customers with gourmet, artisanal and imported products for over 50 years. They offer food categories including meat + seafood, deli, cheese, prepared food, pastry & bread, patry and produce. They also currently have five different locations in the GTA and offer online grocery shopping and delivery options.
These are some of the best gourmet food stores located in Toronto. To check out more of the best things in Toronto, feel free to read through more of our blogs!