The Best Coffee Shops In Toronto

When it comes to the best coffee shops in Toronto, they can be found at indies coffee shops that serve their own unique blend of coffee. Whether you are looking for a place to chat with a friend, or get some work done, coffee shops are the place to be.
Here are the best coffee shops in Toronto to get your caffeine fix:
1. Dineen Coffee
A boutique coffee house with 3 locations at Yonge, Bay, and Gerrad street. Dineen Coffee’s stylish interior of high ceilings, custom marble countertops, and red leather seating gives an elegant appeal. This is the go-to spot if you’re meeting a friend or just want to enjoy a solid cup of coffee. Dineen Coffee’s beans are supplied by one of the best roasters in the GTA, ‘Social Coffee & Tea Company’. But they also offer their own unique roast, most notably their Temperance Espresso Blend, which is a mix of Mexican and Brazillian beans with a smooth and buttery texture.
2. Neo Coffee Bar
A trendy coffee bar with soaring high ceilings and a concrete interior, offering their unique blend of 100% Brazillian coffee and a wide selection of Japanese teas and pastries. This is the perfect place to be if you want to relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea paired perfectly with their delicious pastries.
3. Rooster Coffee House
Is a homey coffee house with three locations in downtown Toronto. This coffee house offers a warm and cozy atmosphere with its comfy leather chairs, wooden accents, and they even offer board games. The Rooster Coffee House sells its own unique roast of beans the ‘Atomic Rooster’ and Bold Beaver. This is the ideal spot if you’re meeting a friend, getting some work done, or just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
4. Te Aro
A coffee shop that roasts their own beans and serves their own coffee. Located on Queen Street, Te Aro offers chill vibes with its industrial style and ample amount of natural lighting. This location offers plenty of seatings with its spacious interior, as well as patio seating. You can’t go wrong with their pilot coffee.
5. Fika Cafe
A cute little spot located in Kensington Market. You will feel right at home at Fika Cafe’s as their colourful decoration makes you feel like you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at your friend’s house. They also offer a wide selection of coffee and food option. Making this the perfect place to be if you are looking for a place to sit and relax.
6. Fahrenheit Coffee
You can expect great coffee at Fahrenheit coffee. With 3 locations in the heart of downtown Toronto, this specialty coffee house is voted to be the best since 2012. They offer three different espresso origins that rotate seasonally. All their beverages are expertly crated, so you know you will be getting a great cup of joe.