The Best Cinnamon Rolls in Toronto

When made the right way, cinnamon rolls can present you with a delicious taste that not many other baked goods can offer. The rolls itself and the filling must be made to complement each other for the best taste. Here are some of the cinnamons rolls in Toronto that fulfil just that:
Cinnaholic is one of the more popular cinnamon roll locations in Toronto. The business was originally founded in 2010, in California and began to expand out to locations in Canada. Their goal is to serve create-your-own cinnamon rolls and sweets from scratch brownies, cookies and edible cookie dough. They have more than 20 unique frosting flavours as well as toppings for their cinnamon rolls. In Toronto, their biggest location resides in the Danforth area. All of their products are freshly baked, 100% vegan, Kosher and dairy & lactose-free. Some of their cinnamon roll flavours include “Cookie Monster”, “Tropical Bliss” and “Campfire S’mores”. They even offer a chance for you to create your own cinnamon rolls in terms of frosting and toppings.
Bunner’s Bakeshop
With a goal of proving that vegan and gluten-free foods can be just as delicious as traditional goods, Bunner’s Bakeshop was founded in 2010. They want their customers to experience that they can get great taste at a reasonable price. Their “Mama Bun”cinnamon bun is rolled and layered with cinnamon sugar and baked with demerara sauce and topped with buttercream frosting. The result is a simple great tasting cinnamon bun. Along with cinnamon buns, they also make wedding cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, brownies and more. They also offer delivery service all across Toronto and the GTA, so that you can order your baked goods online.
Bloomer’s is a vegan bakery based in Toronto that has been serving handcrafted baked goods since 2014. Located at Queen St W and Bloor St W, their focus is providing a variety of donut options, though their cinnamon rolls and other baked goods do not fall short of quality. Many online reviews have expressed delight in trying out their cinnamon buns. They also offer same-day delivery through Doordash, store pick-ups, catering and delivery across the GTA.
Sweet Trolley Bakery
Located in the Junction, Sweet Trolley Bakery was once known only for its cak making, until they began to create more baked goods. Their cinnamon buns are made based on a 100-year-old recipe, using completely natural ingredients and hand-rolled. The cinnamon rolls are heavily iced and consist of a large quantity at a reasonable price. The business is family owned and operated and is known to offer very welcoming customer service. They also have other delicious goods such as fresh fruit pies and homemade spanikopita.
Tori’s Bakeshop
Tori’s Bakeshop opened in March 2012, with motivation to make freshly baked goods using natural, organic, seasonal ingredients, which are all to be locally sourced. The shop quickly emerged as one of the top vegan bakeries for Torontonians ever since. The cinnamon rolls are made up of soft, doughy buns that consist of the perfect texture of icing, resulting in a great taste. Cookies, muffins and cake are also offered as a part of the menu and they provide delivery options across Toronto and parts of the GTA.
These are some of the best cinnamon buns that we have found in Toronto. We know that each of these locations will present you with a delicious tasting cinnamon roll. Want to learn more about the food cultures of Toronto? Take a look at some more of our blogs.