The Best Chocolate in Toronto

Chocolate. Chocolate is the ultimate treat for anyone that has a sweet tooth. From milk, to dark, to white and more, chocolates come with different types and qualities, but all have the goal of creating a memorable taste for those that eat it. Many chocolates in Toronto follow this idea as they make sure that they offer their customers more than just standard chocolate options. We have selected the top-notch chocolates in Toronto based on quality, selection choices and public reviews to determine which will satisfy chocolate lowers. Here are the best chocolates in Toronto:
1. SOMA Chocolate
SOMA Chocolate was founded in 2003 with a goal of creating unique chocolate using cacao beans. Located on King Street West and the Distillery District, they use cacao beans and explore more ingredients to create new premium chocolates for their customers. They offer many chocolates types available in store and boxed, including old-school dark and milk chocolates, citrus, dairy, caramel and many more chocolate types that are inspired by various cultures such as Venezuela and Madagascar.  They even offer custom chocolate making and custom molding, so that you can select your preferred chocolate types and designs for your satisfaction.
2. The Chocolateria
Upon opening in 2010, The Chocolateria has been serving sustainably grown Belgian and South American chocolate. Along with serving Belgian chocolate bars of many flavours such as salty and spicy, The Chocolateria is known for creating chocolate dips and using it as a coat for foods such as potato chips, covered ginger, orange peels, house roasted nuts, pretzels and more.
3. Soul Chocolate
Soul Chocolate is a small East Chinatown cafe that makes chocolate from scratch using natural ingredients such as cacao directly from cacao pods. It is owned by chocolate lovers when transitioned into becoming chocolate makers. They strictly use cacao and organic cane sugar when making their chocolates. Some of their unique chocolate bar selections include “Eggnog White Chocolate”, “Vegan Dark Milk 63% Chocolate”, “Gingerbread 60% Dark Milk Chocolate”. Along with chocolate bars, they also offer hot chocolate and tea, baking supplies and chocolate filled baking kits.
4. Delight Organic Fair Trade Chocolate
Delight Chocolate is chocolate that is made by using high quality ingredients and organic cream. Their chocolates are sourced exclusively from Fair Trade farms in the Dominican Republic and they combine it with organic cream and other high quality ingredients to create their chocolates. All of their chocolates are also completely handmade. By combining their traditional and exotic ingredients, they have created over 20 different types of unique chocolates including “Orange Blossom”, “Mother’s Ruin”, “ Chocolate Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt” and “Pumpkin Spice”. They also offer numerous ice cream and cake options that you can try out.
5. Avoca Chocolates
Founded in 2015, Avoca Chocolates provides customers with handcrafted chocolates that are made using the highest quality ingredients from Canada. They offer many impressive chocolate designs unlike your traditional chocolate store such as “Chocolate Shoes”, “Chocolate Skulls”, “Chocolate Buddha Heads” and more. They also offer many different chocolate bars such as “Almond Butter Crunch” and “Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars”.
These are some of the best chocolate spots in Toronto. Each location has their own unique chocolate styles and flavours that we recommend that you try for yourself. Want to discover more food and desserts in Toronto? Take a look at some more of our blogs here.