The Best Candy Stores in Toronto

There is nothing better than a nice selection of candies to satisfy a sweet tooth. Whether you want candy bars, sour keys or gummy bears, Toronto offers a variety of candy selections and varieties. Stores located within the city not only offer some of the locally supplied candies that you already enjoy but they also provide candies that are sourced from all across the globe. This means that you can try out some of the sweet flavours from around the world right here in the city. To find the best selection of candies, we have come up with a list of the top candy stores in the city.
Here are the best candy stores in Toronto:
The Candy Bar
Founded in 2012, The Candy Bar was opened with a dream of providing a variety of candy options to as many people as possible. The store ships boxes of its candies all across the country, making it easy for customers to place orders on the selection of candies that they are looking for. They offer candies including your local favourites such as Maynards candies as well as a selection of candies imported from the UK, such as imported licorice. On top of this, they offer whole boxes of candy such as ‘The Candy Bar Box’ and the ‘UK Box’ which offers a variety of candies imported from the UK.
Bulk Mine
Located in Downtown Toronto, Bulk Mine has provided residents with over 20 years of candy selections. From bulk candy such as cinnamon hearts, jolly ranchers and JuJubes to retro and exclusive candies such as Cadbury Crunchie chocolate bars, this spot has many different candies and chocolates that you can try.
Squish Candy
Founded in 2014, SQUISH Candy became the first artisanal candy store that makes over 100 flavours of speciality gummies. All of their gummies are made using real fruits, spices and herbs. They offer a large selection of gummies including holiday themed and candies with strictly vegan based ingredients. They offer options to purchase candies in small bags, bulk, kits, jumbo mixes and more, that you can choose and order the candies that you want the most.
Sweet Thrills
Sweet Thrills was founded in 1998 and it has provided its customers with all kinds of retro speciality candy. They offer a variety of candies including candy baskets and British sweets. They also offer holiday treats so that you give a pack of candy canes or holiday pops to someone.  
Johnvince Foods
One of Canada’s best managed companies, Johnvince Foods offers over 3000 candies selections that you can choose from. They offer candies such as mints, sugar-free options and brands such as nerds, Gobstoppers and Pez. The store is currently located in North York, where it offers bulk and packaged items for its customers.
Those are some of the top candy stores in the city. No matter what type of candy you are looking for, it is likely that these Toronto-based stores will have it (unless it is extremely rare). Each of these stores will offer your favorite candies as well as candies that you may never heard of from around the world. Want to discover more unique stores in the city? Take a look at some more of our blogs.