Summer Days In Yorkville

Yorkville has been around since the 1930s. This is a quaint area full of life in the heart of Toronto. The area spans the distance off a few blocks. This city’s hot spot is perfect for a day trip or a night out, with beautiful murals, nice walking areas and shopping, accompanied in the night by 5 star food, patio drinks, desert and Ice cream. In fact, Yorkville has so much more. You might even want to stay over in one of the hotels available in the area. Keep reading to find out about all the amazing attractions, and hidden gems in Bloor-Yorkville.
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One of the nicest things about Yorkville is its convenient location. It is easily accessible both by public transit and driving. Depending on Toronto traffic it might be easier to take city transport down than drive. Yorkville is located at the heart of the green subway line (line 2) just outside of Bay station and extends all the way to Bloor-Yonge station. It takes around 30 minutes to get to the station if you are coming from Kipling on line two Bloor-Danforth, and about the same from Finch station on line one Young university line. The best part about transport to Yorkville on the subway is you avoid the city’s busy traffic.


The shopping at Yorkville is unlike anywhere else in Toronto. With hundreds (and yes I mean hundreds) of shops to choose from, you will surely find something to satisfy your style. Yorkville is full of exclusive stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Holt Renfrew, and more. Don’t worry if luxury isn’t your cup of tea, it’s mixed in with some bargain stores like winners and Nordstrom rack. Stores here have a great selection from all kinds of brands. If you love shopping, Yorkville is the place you cannot miss.

Things to do

Headed to yorkville for the day, and aren’t interested in all the shopping? Well, I can guarantee you won’t get bored. If you’re looking for a more relaxed day, spend it on yorkville ave in the small park just out front of the subway. If hustle and bustle is more your speed, walk down to Bloor and check out some of the shops. If neither of these sound too appealing to you, don’t worry, Yorkville will definitely have something, you just have to keep looking. Take some time to check out the art filled murals and live music that fill the streets. If still I can’t entice you, maybe once you bike around the neighbourhood, you’ll have a different opinion. Rent a bike for the day and bike around, head north for a quieter experience and check out Bloor for more hustle and bustle. Whatever your specific taste and interests, Yorkville is worth checking out.


Perhaps some of the best food in the city can be found just inside Yorkville. Over 20 restaurants in Yorkville with the best food I’ve had in my lifetime living in Toronto. I’m not alone in those feelings either, each and every of those 20 restaurants has loads of reviews to back up my statement. One of the best things about Yorkville is the variety they have, and I’m not talking McDonalds vs Taco Bell kind of variety. These fine dining restaurants and patios serve food from all over the world. Trattoria Nervosa is an authentic italian restaurant worth trying out if you are craving Italian vibe! Take a little trip down under to try some New Zealand food when you visit Hemmingway’s pub. There are so many options, and such variety I couldn’t possibly mention them all, but they’re all worth checking out! Check availability online but Yorkville is home to some of the nicest patios in Toronto! You might feel like you’re in another city entirely with the cobblestone streets, and the summer air, Yorkville truly takes you on a trip. Cap off your dinner with authentic Italian gelato from the gelato shop by coco espresso bar. After you have digested your food, why not head back for some spectacular nightlife!


If you thought during the day Yorkville was active, just wait till you go back for some patio drinks. Make sure you dress nicely or you might have some difficulties fitting in. It’s on these summer nights that people dress up and hit Yorkville. Classy drinks are served at Cibo Wine Bar, but if that isn’t your speed, head back to Hemingways for some mixed drinks and pub fare. Afterwards, take a walk around to admire all the beautiful lights in the area. This classy area isn’t necessarily the typical party scene but I have no doubt that you will have yourself a blast in Yorkville.


Yorkville is home to some of the fanciest hotels in Toronto, most notable are the Four Seasons, The Hazelton, the Intercontinental, and the Windsor Arms Hotel. Staying in one of the hotels can be a great way to end your luxury Toronto vacation or staycation. While these hotels are extremely beautiful inside, they come with a price tag to match. If a cheap night’s stay is what you’re looking for, you might have to check out of the yorkville area to find a hotel. The lowest night costs $250, where the higher end can run you over $600. That being said, Toronto’s Yorkville Airbnb is definitely worth the mention. Airbnb rentals in Yorkville are much more affordable starting at $78 a night for the entire condo and capping off at around $250.


If I still haven’t managed to entice you into visiting Yorkville, I don’t know if anything can. The experience is unlike anyone you can get in Toronto. The crowd is definitely more sophisticated than other parts of Toronto, so why not spend some time walking around, shopping, eating or drinking in a unique environment. If you haven’t been, I encourage you to go at least once. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become your favourite neighbourhood! Which activities are you most excited for?