Best Toronto bakeries

Toronto is famous for having worldwide flavours, and some of the best restaurants in all of North America, and even the world! But how does Toronto compare when it comes to the bakery scene. Fairly well. Toronto’s bakeries serve customers nationally as well as internationally. In no order (Because we couldn’t decide), here are the 10 sweetest bakeries in Toronto.

1) Bunners

Bunners is a firm believer in the cinnamon bun. These cinnamon buns are to die for, though they have other treats and cakes too. Their original Kensington market location was so popular, they decided to open up a second location on Dundas, between Keele and Runnymede. You may or may not have heard of bunners before reading; but, if you’re gluten free or vegan with a sweet tooth, you should have! This place is completely gluten free and vegan, but you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when it comes to taste. When you go, be sure to try the cinnamon buns and the raspberry square!

2) Bake shoppe

Have you ever wanted to eat a cookie with Drake’s face on it? Or what about gourmet pop tarts? How about a buttercream cake covered in rainbow sprinkles, with just about anything written on it in even more icing? If any of those triggered salivation, check out this little italy shop. Bake shoppe is a unique bakery putting a pop culture spin on timeless classic flavours. The shop does treats for any occasion, and I do mean any, so check out their totally instagrammable treats next time you’re in the area!

3) Sanremo

Ask anyone in Etobicoke what their favourite bakery is, and i’m sure 99.9% would say Sanremo. This italian bakery on Royal York is an Etobicoke staple, and has been since 1969. They serve up pizza, sandwiches, and coffee yes, but their donuts are what people line up for. They have so many unique creations and flavours, you have to go try it for yourself. Make sure you’re there early enough to try them, the shop usually sells out by 2pm. If you’re unsure where to start, go with the fritters, you wont regret it. They have baked goods other than donuts too, try out their croissants, cupcakes, bars, and of course cannolis for another incredible experience.

4) Danish pastry house

The danish pastry house is a GTA chain that doesn’t fall short of delivering what their name suggests. The bakery serves a variety of breads and croissants, but the real star is the pastries. Once you figure out how to pronounce the danish names, you’ll be set. Many of the pastries feature marzipan (a sweet almond paste) and raspberry jam. A favourite is the heart shaped cookies, or spandauer. The bakery also serves traditional danish tartes and rumballs. Stop at one of their 7 Locations across Toronto and taste for yourself.

5) Dimpflmeier

This German Bakery ships its products worldwide, but did you know their factory is located south of Bloor, just off of Kipling? When driving past, the aroma of fresh bread fills the air! Their Showcase space on site is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to pick up items you can’t in stores. Some highlights are the pretzel buns, and sugar coated pretzels. Additionally the bagels from this Toronto bakery just can’t be beat!

6) Bloomers

Bloomers is a vegan bakery serving up beautiful and tasty donuts. With over 34 donut flavours, you can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. This bakery is dedicated to keeping their pastries GMO free using unbleached flour, Organic non dairy milk, and fairly/ethically sourced cane sugar. Their three locations are on Bloor, and Queen in Toronto, and on Torbram in Mississauga. When you go, be sure to check out their scrumptious seasonal donuts!

7) Mashion Bakery

A traditional chinese bakery with arguably the best baked goods in chinatown. Their items are all usually under a dollar each but deliver beyond value. If you’re looking for quality traditional chinese baked goods stop into Mashion. When you go, try their pork buns, blueberry pineapple bun, as well as their spring rolls. The bakery also sells pre packaged chinese snacks!

8) Baker and Scone

Looking for tome coffee and scones, or just the later? Baker and Scone on St. Clair west offers over 40 different scone flavours. The range spans from plain all the way to protein scones, including buttermilk vanilla, cheddar dill, and spinach feta along the way. These scones challenge the preconception that all scones are dry with their moist texture. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, don’t hesitate to stop in and see what you’ve been missing.

9) Serano Bakery

Looking for some traditional greek delights? Serano delivers, this bakery has been serving up greek pastries for over 30 years. Nothing will ever top the spanakopita from Serano, with a flaky pastry crusting and warm filling, you might have to have more than one. That isn’t all though, the amount of cookies and other pastries available is to die for, and we’re sure you’ll think so once you try them too. The shop is attached to a greek grocery store, so on your way out pick up some greek feta or honey!

10) Grodzinski Bakery

Undeniably the best Kosher bakery in toronto. Grodzinski’s is located in North York and serves Kosher baked goods and bread. Their bread buns and pastries are phenomenal but who could resist a sugar cookie. Along with your order, treat yourself with one of their home made sugar cookies. The beloved Jewish bakery serves pre packaged baked goods along with their fresh ones, but the quality doesn’t vary. If you are looking for a Kosher option, even if you aren’t you can’t miss the Grodzinski bakery.
As you can see, and hopefully as you will soon taste (if you haven’t already), Toronto’s baked goods easily compare to worldwide standards, if not exceeding them. Hopefully we didn’t miss your favourite bakery in Toronto! Can’t wait to see what else Toronto’s food scene has in store for resident and tourist foodies alike!