Best Ski Resorts located near Toronto + the GTA

Alongside skating, tobogganing and sledding, one of the most popular winter activities is skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is a sport that can be learned by any age group and once you learn the basics, it can be exciting to even go down a bunny hill. On the other hand, snowboarding can be slightly more difficult to learn, however it is just as fun if not more fun than skiing. There are many different ski resorts located in Ontario that offer an enjoyable experience and we have come up with a list of the top resorts based on this.
Here are the top ski resorts located near Toronto:
Glen Eden
Glen Eden is one of the ski resorts that is closest to Toronto. Although it may not be the biggest among the other resorts, it offers 12 different trails, a terrain park and dining options. It is also a cheaper ski resort with prices ranging from $30-$42. If you are not looking for a large ski resort or if you are just starting out to ski or snowboard, Glen Eden is a solid choice.
One of the bigger ski resorts in the GTA, Lake Ridge offers a variety of hill sizes. Located in Uxbridge, the resort offers 23 different runs which are spread over 70 acres of land. On top of this, the resort also offers hills with varying skill levels such as black diamond trails and bunny hills for new learners. They even offer snow tubing, if you are looking to try that out following your ski/snowboard session.
Dagmar is a ski resort that offers a variety of hill types for different age ranges and skill levels. Located in Uxbridge, Dagmar offers 17 different runs that range from beginner to advanced difficulties. The resort also has four chairlifts and two carpet lifts for skiing during the day or the nighttime. It also has a coffee lounge and restaurant for if you get hungry at before, after or during your session.
With a unique selection of slopes, Brimacombe is another strong choice if you want to go on a ski or snowboarding run. The resort offers 23 different slopes for various difficulties and skill levels and 11 of them are open for skiing after dusk. Brimacombe also offers two chalets, four quad chair lifts and a ‘snow school’ if you require skiing or snowboarding lessons.
Blue Mountain
Although it is a bit of a drive (2.5 hours northeast of Toronto), Blue Mountain is the largest ski resort in Ontario. The resort offers over 40 trails, 14 lifts and a variety of routes. The resort also has three terrain parks to put your skiing or snowboarding skills to the test. It is slightly pricer than other resorts, however you are getting access to the largest ski resort in Ontario, so it is worth it.
Mount St. Louis Moonstone
With millions of dollars invested into new equipment, a high-speed chairlift and new lighting for skiing in the nighttime, Mount St. Louis Moonstone is a ski resort that offers a large selection of hills for skiers and snowboarders. It is approximately over an hour drive from Toronto but it offers over 35 trails and 12 lifts for all skiers and snowboarders. Its longest run goes for over 2 kilometers and the resort covers 180 acres of skiable land.
These are the best ski resorts located near the GTA. Each resort offers perks such as pricing, hours, trail selections and other perks so that you can determine the best resort for you. Want to find more activities to do near Toronto? Take a look at some more of our blogs.