Best late night food in the GTA

Whether it’s after a late night out in downtown Toronto, or you’re just looking for a bite to eat before you go to bed (or maybe not). These 10 restaurants are open late enough for you to go whenever you want, we’re talking a full 24 hours for some, or at least until 2am.

1) Owl of minerva

Owl of Minerva is a 24 hour Korean food location. The food is always served hot and offers Dine-in and take-out experiences. Owl of Minerva has two locations, one in downtown Toronto on Spadina and the other in Mississauga. You won’t regret heading to this location if you’re looking for a bite to eat. Surprisingly the restaurant is usually pretty busy but you can always find a spot to sit. Each meal comes with traditional Korean sides making for a delicious satisfying meal.

2) Hey noodles

Noodles is located just down the street from the Mississauga location of Owl of Minerva. This location serves hot noodles with delicious broth. The quality of the meat in these dishes, is far beyond the price that you pay. choose from a variety of different noodle types, Meats, broth flavours, and toppings. my favourite is the beef with spicy broth and regular noodles, and you can’t forget all the toppings.

3) Apache Burger

Whether it’s after a late night out or you just know that you’re looking for a burger, Apache is the place for you. This Etobicoke Burger Joint has been a staple for the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s open till at least 2 a.m. every night and on Fridays and Saturdays open till 4. These burgers are never dry and seemingly taste better in the late hours! While the burgers are the star of the show, the fries and onion rings cannot be beat!

4) Frans

Downtown 24-hour diner is a cozy spot 2 catch a bite really whenever. you’ll have a classic traditional Diner fare accompanied by breakfast. Frans is located in the heart of the city which makes it ideal for anyone after a late night city experience. Frans really brings a traditional vibe to a 24 hour restaurant. The restaurant has 3 locations but the best by far is the location on Yonge st.

5) Camel restaurant

The Camel restaurant is a middle eastern restaurant serving hot dishes for 24 hours of the day. If you are a foodie and haven’t tried Camel yet, you are definitely missing out! The tester ain’t is located on Danforth ave east of Pape. The menu is full of bright flavours, but the best to try is the chicken mandi and you can’t miss the rice.

6) 7 West Cafe

7 West Cafe is a 24 hour multi floor restaurant serving hot food every day. The restaurant has a rooftop seating area allowing for a late night city view while enjoying your meal. The restaurant serves pasta, sandwiches, and other traditional North American cuisine. 7 West cafe is located on Yonge just south of Bloor, making it easy to get to with city life surrounding it.

7) Late night pizza

Late night pizza is as you can probably guess is a late night pizza joint. This Scarborough restaurant is exactly what you need on your way home. A restaurant that is open until 2am and serving hot pizza daily. The pizza is cooked perfectly and the restaurant offers chicken wings, and other treats along with their iconic pizza. The prices are reasonable and the dishes once again deliver far beyond the cost.

8) Insomnia

Insomnia is a medical diagnosis for an individual who cannot sleep. This restaurant is truly for those with insomnia. If you can’t sleep and you’re downtown, take a trip here to the restaurant on Bloor at Bathurst. While the restaurant is only open until 2am, the menu is very enticing. It includes strip sirloin and hearty salads, don’t forget the delicious drinks and snack food as well.

9) New ho king

New Ho King is an example of your traditional takeaway chinese food. The food is tasty, flavourful and satisfying. The restaurant is in Chinatown on Spadina and closes no earlier than 4am. New Ho KIng is a great place for students to grab a bite to eat. When you go don’t miss the noodles or general tao chicken.

10) King slice

King slice is another late night pizza parlour serving up enormous slices of traditional and specialty pizza. Calzones are also offered at king slice, but the best food by far from King slice is the pepperoni pizza. A classic that king slice just does so well. The restaurant offers seating at the front of the store making it a perfect spot to people watch on Queen st.