Best Korean Restaurants in Toronto

Korea is known for its indoor tabletop barbeques, fried chickens, and their wide selection of unlimited side dishes. Here in Toronto, you can still get an authentic Korean eating experience, and find popular dishes such as pork belly, kalbi, bulgogi, soon tofu, kimchi jjigae, and many others which even rivals that of Korea.
Here Our Top Picks for Korean Restaurants In Toronto.
1. Korean Grill House
Get your fill of Korean BBQ here at this popular AYCE Korean BBQ spot with four locations Yonge & Bloor, Queen & University, Midland & Finch, Hwy 7 & Leslie. This place serves classics such as beef, pork, chicken, and beef ribs, for those meat lovers out there. And If you don’t eat meat, don’t worry, as they also offer an all-you-can-eat vegetable option as well.
2. Daldongnae Korean BBQ
With 5 locations in North York, Scarborough, and Downtown, this is the place-to-be for premium cuts of meat such as pork belly, beef tenderloin, and beef, chuck beef. You can expect the grilled meats to be tender and juicy as the meat will melt in your mouth after each bit. And of course, they also have a wide selection of banchan which you can refill as many times as you want.
3. Kobi Korean BBQ
This is a great place for casual dining, as this lively Korean BBQ restaurant offers a diverse selection of meats and veggies. Their signature spicy chicken and spicy squid is a must-try, you can adjust its heat level to your liking, and it will come served surrounded by a ring of delicious mozzarella cheese. Pro-tip, save some of the chicken and cheese towards the end where you can ask the staff to use it to make some delicious chicken fried rice.
4. Makkal Chon
At this small Korean BBQ joint with wood-beamed ceilings, they specialize in Korean vegetable wraps and BBQ meats. They pride themselves in only using natural and organic ingredients. Their kimchi is a must-have as it is prepared with older, more fermented, and ripe kimchi, that is bound to pack a punch.
5. Chicken in the Kitchen
A bustling, industrial-styled Korean restaurant that features tabletop grills and a bar. As the name suggests, their specialization lies in their Korean fried chickens, paired that with a beer and it becomes a winning combination known as ‘chimaek’. Their Cheese Volcano Chicken is their must-try, as it’s decked with crispy chicken breasts, resting on top of a creamy rose which is served with a toasted bread bowl.
6. SongCook’s Korean Restaurant
The go-to spot for some delicious hand-cut noodles and sizzling stew which is served in a traditional setting. At this humble Thornhill location by Steeles and Yonge, you will find delicious, authentic Korean cuisine which is all served in generous portions. If you love savoury noodles, then their JjajangMyun is a must-try as it’s made with fresh noodles, topped with black bean sauce, caramelized vegetables, and ground beef.