Best Halal Burgers in Toronto

Are you looking for a quick bite to eat? Or maybe you want to try out some gourmet burgers? Look no further than this list of the best burgers spots in Toronto. We have picked out the best burger restaurants (all halal) in the city based on the quality of the burgers, the menu options and the best reviews.
Our picks of the best burger spots in Toronto:
Ozzy’s Burgers
Ozzy’s Burgers has provided their customers with burgers that are always fresh and never frozen (that is their motto), since 2017. They also have locations in Vaughan and Mississauga. They provide a diverse range of menu options including Speciality Burgers, Premium Burgers, Chicken and steak sandwiches, vegan and vegetarian options and many sides and drink options.
Top Gun Burgers
When it was founded, the team at Top Gun Burgers had a mission to “restore the forgotten culture of gourmet burgers and to innovate the art of burger craftsmanship”. It is safe to say that they have completed this mission, as they have provided their customers with burgers featuring local ingredients and fresh meat. They have menu categories including TopGun Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Chicken burgers, Steak Sandwiches, sides and a variety of beverage choices including milkshakes.
Mini Moe’s Burgers
Mini Moe’s Burgers provides a variety of unique burger choices that they make with completely fresh and natural ingredients. Some of their most notable burger choices include “The Goomba” (contains crispy onions, a double patty, bold BBQ sauce and beef strips), “Cluck’N Moo” (chicken strips stacked onto a mini moe’s cheeseburger) and “Crispy Chickn” (crispy chicken strips topped with mayo, lettuce and tomato). They also offer tasty dessert options including funnel cakes.
Showtime Bistro
Showtime Bistro is a restaurant that has provided their customers with gourmet burgers, along with delicious poutine and dessert options. Their menu provides starters, poutines, gourmet burgers, entrees, wrap + sandwiches, milkshakes, mocktails and other beverage options. One of their most popular burgers is the self-titled, “Showtime Burger” which contains two 6oz AAA Angus beef patties, along with melted cheddar cheese, their showtime sauce and it is topped off with lettuce and pickles.
The Burgernator
The Burgernator is a creatively themed burger shop that claims that “The burger is our weapon and Toronto is our battlefield”. They also offer unique menu options including their “B.M.D. Burgers of Mass Destruction”, “Classic Arsenal”, vegetarian burgers and sides. One of their most notable burgers is “The Big Bang” which contains an all-beef patty, buffalo chicken strips, Canadian cheddar cheese and vegetables.
Burgers n’ Fries Forever
Burgers n’ Fries Forever is a burger spot that offers halal, veggie, vegan and gluten-free options on their menu. Founded in 2013, Burgers n’ Fries Forever had a goal of providing burgers and fries options for everyone regardless of where they are from. They offer burgers, fries, buns and sauce options to personalize your burger and enjoy it to the max.