Best Cookies in Toronto

One of the most common types of snacks and desserts, cookies are easy and enjoyable to eat. There are many different flavours that cookies come in from oatmeal, to chocolate chip, to other unique flavours, there are plenty of combinations. Here in Toronto, there are many stores that offer cookies coming in various shapes and sizes. We have selected the best stores that offer delicious tasting cookies and have received top reviews because of it.
These are some of the best cookie stores in Toronto:
Craig's Cookies
Craig’s Cookies is a cookie store that offers a large selection of cookies to choose from. With two locations in Parkdale and on Church Street, the store offers a variety of assorted and flavoured cookies, each of which are freshly made using a variety of natural ingredients. They even offer a gift box and you can even just order the dough, if you’d like to. Some of their assorted cookie flavours include ‘Classic Chocolate Chip’, ‘Mars’, ‘PB Cup’, ‘Mini Egg’ and ‘Cookies and Cream’.
Bake Sale Toronto
With three different locations within Toronto, Bake Sale Toronto offers a variety of choices for the average cookie lover. They offer a variety of homemade goodies including cupcakes, cakes and cookies of course. Their cookies are made round and thin, making them enjoyable with every bite. Some of the unique flavours that they offer include ‘Funfetti’ (birthday cake flavoured), ‘Peanut Butter’, ‘Chocolate Chip Shortbread’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Double Chocolate’. They also currently offer holiday-themed baked goods and gifts including holiday themed cookies.
Robyn's Cookies
Using the top quality, fresh and local ingredients, Robyn’s Cookies follows a strict routine to make delicious cookies. Located nearby Lawrence Ave. and Ranleigh Ave., These cookies are homemade, hand rolled and made without any preservative/additives. They offer cookie flavours including ‘Chocolate Chip’, ‘Salted Chocolate Chunk’,  ‘Chewy Ginger’ , ‘Oatmeal Dark Chocolate’ and more. 
The Night Baker
Best known for the softness and how chewy its cookies are, The Night Baker has unique tasting cookies that are ‘doughy’ and ‘chewy’ at the same time. This bakery on College St. offers a large selection of cookies including ‘The Classic’ which is a popular cookie that combines dark chocolate, walnuts and sea salt, resulting in a delicious tasting cookie.
Bunner’s Bake Shop
With a focus of providing its customers with vegan, gluten-free & soy-free baked good options, Bunner’s Bake Shop offers delicious cookies, even though it may be best known for its cakes. This bake shop offers delicious cookie flavours including a classic flavour in the ‘ Chocolate Chunk Cookie’ and unique flavours including the ‘Supersonic Cookie’.
These are some of the top cookie stores located within the city. Each of these cookie shops offer a variety of freshly-made cookies that come in many different flavours. We believe that no matter what type of cookie flavour you want to try out, some of these cookie spots may have what you are looking for. Want to discover more dessert related spots in the city? We welcome you to read some more of our blogs while you are here.