Best Cheap Eats In Toronto

Eating out doesn’t always have to be expensive. In Toronto, there are many great restaurants to choose from which offers some of the best foods without putting a huge dent in your wallet.
Here are the best pizza spots in Toronto:
1. Chicken King
Hand shredded chicken rice is a beloved Cantonese dish in China. This dish is hard to come by in Canada, and I was surprised when I finally found one at a little corner shop in Scarborough. At this cash-only establishment, you will be able to enjoy a satisfying Cantonese meal for just $8.50 (tax included). And if you come before 6 pm, they even throw in a hearty chicken soup free of charge.
2. Chris Jerk
A humble Caribbean restaurant that features classic dishes such as jerk chicken, curried goat, and shawarma wrap. It’ll be hard to find a Caribbean restaurant as great of a value as this, as most of their meals are just under $10, plus they come in big portions. Expect a lineup as this place is always packed because it’s just that good.
3. Seven Lives Taco y Mariscos
A cash-only taqueria that offers Baja-style tacos and seafood, located in the busy Kensington Market. At this taco joint, you will find delicious homemade tacos that are prepared right in front of your eyes. Their tacos start at just $7.00, and you can expect that they are always cooked to perfection.
4. Babu
If you want affordable Indian food then Babu is the place to go. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant offers your favourite Indian cuisines such as biryani, curry, tandoori, you name it, most starting at just under $6.00. This is undoubtedly one best value you can get in Toronto for Indian food.
5. Johnny’s hamburgers
A classic burger joint where you can quickly grab a heaty charcoal-broiled burger with some crispy fries. This old-schooled burger shop has been operating since 1967, and its menu prices have barely changed, as you can still get a great burger for just under $5.00.